Tired of your housing management system not adding the value you want or hindering your business by not doing what it is supposed to? Manifest IT works with housing management systems including:

  • Orchard Housing
  • Academy
  • QL
  • IBS

So we can assess your requirements and make your job that little bit easier.

Property Asset Management systems

Our team is experienced in setting up and using software including Keystone and arcAsset/Codeman. We also help integrate these systems with housing management systems for example enabling seamless display of asbestos data in Orchard Housing.

Our sister company, Manifest Housing, provides specialist consultancy and support for property asset management and housing management, including repairs, maintenance contract procurement and mobilisation.


Using reporting systems including Business Objects, we can help you gain the performance, management and operational information you need to run your business effectively.

We provide consultants with universe design as well as report writing skills.

Document Management

Looking for complete control over your data, so you can track and store data with ease?

Using document management systems including Wisdom and Opentext R/KYV, document management can be integrated into your housing management system – enabling your team to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests quickly.

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