This solution has been developed in conjuction with Origin Housing Group , for Income Management teams preparing for the increasing numbers of households receiving Universal Credit.

It provides a means of easily finding tenancies where Alternative Payment Arrangements could be applied for, and monitoring the lifecycle of these applications. The solution has been created using the Orchard Housing BPM toolkit.

This could ensure the payment of tens of thousand of pounds of rent, and hence keep arrears under control!


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What does it do?

The Alternative Payment Arrangement Manager (APAM) runs a weekly search of all tenancies where there is a Universal Credit account. It returns those that are eligible for an Alternative Payment Arrangement to be applied for, where:

  1. there are arrears of at least 4 weeks worth of rent (discretionary)
  2. there are arrears of at least 8 weeks worth of rent (mandatory)

The APAM returns the results to a recommendation list where they can be viewed in bulk, with filters or managed on a case by case basis.


Sample Screens (Click to enlarge)

More Details

1. The user can open each record and update its status (such as APA Applied for, APA Rejected, APA Ended, APA Accepted).

2. The user can run an APA data grab, where all the relevant data needed to fill out the application form is displayed.

3. Arrears action codes are added to the Rent Sub Account (such as APA Applied for, APA Accepted, UC support offered, DWP request for more information).

4. As well as the action codes, there is a specific alert to the existence of an APA recommendation on the standard Rent Sub Account screen and users can access it directly from there.

5. Reporting can be carried out against the APAM data and combined with existing arrears performance information.


 Sample management screen

Why use it?

  1. This solution will ensure that any tenants in direct receipt of Universal Credit who are falling behind with their rent payments will be immediately identified.
  2. The process of managing these cases and getting rent payment restored will be carried out consistently and with full visibility to the team and wider organisation.
  3. As more tenants are moved to Universal Credit, this could ensure the payment of tens of thousand of pounds of rent and hence keep arrears under control.
  4. It is very simple to use – training in less than half a day!
  5. The solution can be installed quickly.


Sample APA data grab screen, for use in completing the DWP APA application form

Costs (starting from £750)

The software price is based on the number of tenancies managed, and uses an annual subscription model, where the annual payment includes all support and updates. Click the image below or here for a full price break down


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The APAM was created in partnership with Origin Housing – Please note all screens shots and videos are taken from test systems.