The new Governance and Financial Viability regulation came into effect on 1 April 2015 meaning housing associations now need to keep up-to-date information on assets and liabilities to remain within the HCAs regulatory framework.

Bedford-based major provider of affordable homes BPHA approached us to work on setting up a custom Asset and Liabilities screen within Orchard Housing to improve their data recording.

Our team have been working alongside BPHA since February on a number of projects. The first of these was to set up a customised Asset and Liabilities screen within the Orchard Housing system.

The provisional version took approximately five working days to complete, meaning that effective resource management, clear financial forecasting, risk analysis and data on assets and liabilities can easily be found.

 data c

Asset details with the Property Details Screen – Click the image for full screen shot (and update screen)

Clive Thacker, Project Manager at BPHA says: “I am incredibly pleased with Manifest IT and the work they have completed has been hugely beneficial to us.

The new Assets and Liability screen has enabled all of our data to be in one place which means our staff can now go directly to the system to find information without having to speak to lots of different departments.”

data 4

Charge History T and update screen (click for full sized screen shot)

Gareth Rexworthy from Manifest IT says; “This was an interesting project to us because it really shows the power of the BPM toolkit to create inventive solutions inside Orchard Housing.

Traditionally, this data would have been created outside the system (such as spreadsheets or access databases) and therefore the data often became confused across systems.”

Housing Associations need to be working on achieving this standard because it will become a mandatory requirement from April 2016 – so we are delighted that BPHA are one step ahead.”

 data 5

Security Valuation Tab and Update (click the image for full sized screen shot)

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