Part of our ethos at Manifest IT is that as consultants we support one another for our mutual benefit. We encourage our associates to promote one another and to pass on new requirements for work to us.

We also pay generous referral fees to anyone who helps us generate new business by making direct introductions of new clients to us for consultancy work; also for recommendations of new associates to join the team when we have openings for new work.

If you hear about new work needed by a potential client and refer them directly to Manifest IT, you may be entitled to a referral fee from us. (Please see condition 1).

What’s in it for me?

We will give a finder’s fee of 5% of the net value of consultancy completed.

Alternatively, we may have work to carry out for a client but no consultants immediately available! If you refer a new associate to us for a role we need to fill we will pay the same finder’s fee.

(Please see conditions 2 and 3)

What if I find both the consultant and the work?

In this case you would be given 10% of the net value of the consultancy.

In all cases we would have full responsibility for all the management of the contract with the client and consultant.

Why are Manifest IT doing this?

We value any opportunity of new business extremely highly and are happy to reduce our own profit margins in return for a referral. We do not pass the cost of these referral fees on to the client.

We also keep our costs low by not employing sales staff and removing other overheads.

How might this look?

Take a 6 month consulting assignment offered by us to the client at a rate of £450 per day. In this case the total value of the consultancy could be up to £58,000.

This would mean your referral fee may be as high as £2,900 (Please see condition 4)

Remember, if you found both the new work and the new consultant you would get £5,800!


Manifest IT associate consultants get even better referral benefits than shown above, so if you’re interested in being part of our team please get in touch.


For more information, or to provide details of a new consulting opportunity / consultant – or 0203 697 1201



  1. If you refer us to a company you are a direct employee or Board member of, we cannot make a cash referral payment to you personally. This also applies for any referral where you are an employee of a company we already have an active supplier relationship with. In these cases we will offer consultancy to your organisation to the value of the referral fee, or a donation to Shelter. You must check your company’s probity rules. You will be required to sign an anti-bribery declaration to confirm the above.
  2. This must be a direct referral with written introduction of us to the client and/or consultant, where we do not have a pre-existing relationship. We will formally confirm your eligibility for a referral fee in writing. Only one fee will be paid in respect of a new order or contract – in the event that more than one person makes a referral, only the first to have done so will receive confirmation of eligibility
  3. Payment of referral fees will only be made on completion of the consultancy work by Manifest IT, to a referrer in possession of formal eligibility confirmation. The referral fee will only apply to the first order or contract entered into by the new client. We may make interim fee payments for long initial consultancy assignments.
  4. We will not disclose to you the specific details of any order or contract agreed with a client – we will only inform you of the referral fee payable.
  5. Manifest IT reserve the right to amend the terms or withdraw the scheme at any time.
  6. This referral scheme is effective from July 2014 – referrals made earlier are not eligible.