“Data Visualisation provides Social Housing organisations with the information they need, presented in interactive, flexible and accessible formats”.

Amber Green Consulting


Amber Green have become synonymous in the sector with the highest quality reporting and data services. Recent successes with clients in this field include Severn Vale, Catalyst and Origin, as well as being commissioned by Orchard to provide these services on their behalf.

We have created a partnership with Amber Green which allows us to complement our usual housing system consultancy services with their expertise in data visualisation.

  • Are you implementing IMS and considering Data Visualisation, Reports and Dashboards?
  • Do you require a bespoke Data Solution?
  • Do you need help with Data Migration?

We can help by providing skills in:

  • Business Objects, PowerBI, SSRS, SQLServer, Orchard IMS, ORS/DataPA

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Data Visualisation enables all types of information to be presented in the most interactive, flexible and accessible formats. For example, the interactive Social Housing drillable map enables you to view repairs costs at a high level within the area tree, drilling down through the levels to postcode and individual properties.

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We can present and analyse your data in charts, tables, gauges and indicators providing you with new insights, which can help make better informed decisions.

This is an interactive arrears KPI dashboard created using the Amber Green KPI Generator showing arrears as a percentage of annual debit over a user-selectable year period. It also allows drill-down from a single period to examine the KPI by arrears area.

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We use various Tools including:

  • Business Objects
  • Microsoft SSRS
  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • Orchard IMS
  • ORS/DataPA

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This new tool automates calculation and production of all organisational KPIs. This enables you to speed up the production of accurate, up-to-date KPIs and make significant resource savings over existing methods.

It retains KPIs and their constituent elements for all previous periods and allows simple presentation of headline KPIs plus analysis – drilling, slicing and dicing – by any required dimensions. Because the underlying elements are also stored, the factors determining changes in performance are easily identifiable using tools such as PowerBI or Business Objects.

KPI Generator2

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  • Fully automated according to your required schedule
  • Eliminates re-keying from reports into performance system
  • Ensures consistent KPI calculation method
  • Saves management and performance team time
  • Enables users to interactively direct analysis


  • KPIs can be set for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual periods
  • KPIs can be based on a single period, year to date or rolling annual period
  • Each KPI has a target, based on either a single period or annual profile
  • When KPIs are generated, both variance from the target and percentage variance from the target are also calculated and stored
  • Optional weighted profiles to reflect known seasonal variations (eg Xmas, winter etc) can be used to inflate or deflate targets
  • Headline KPIs are stored in a single table for easy access
  • Dimensionally modelled tables and views for each KPI provide the ability to analyse data as required

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We can design and deliver data models based on your requirements. This includes combining data from several sources, and summarising, aggregating, calculating or modifying data as needed to get it into a format optimised for reporting.


  • Present data according to business requirements
  • Performance enhanced reports and dashboards
  • Combine data from several sources to provide new insights
  • Understand and monitor data quality

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