Are you looking for a fast and effective solution to manage your rent arrears letters?

Our Arrears Letter Printing service has been launched to respond to our clients’ changing needs and help manage an increasing demand on the income management service.

Developed in Orchard’s BPM toolkit, this new service means a faster, more flexible way of working. It runs independently of the Arrears module but draws data from there and other parts of the system.

You can benefit from:

  • Fully customised and editable letters
  • Printing on any printer (including follow me printing)
  • Packages starting from £2500
  • Integration with EDM systems.

Tina Mercer, Head of Income Management, at Origin Housing says:

“This service has automated all of our manual writing where previously we had to type it ourselves. We now have secure printing so all letters go to a personal printing queue.

  We have found this system has saved our team time and has helped to make our service more efficient.”


The price for the Arrears Printing solution starts from £2500 per year

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